I am a private professional fiduciary and I have worked with Trudi Riley-Quinn for more than 12 years. She has represented me in many conservatorships, probates and trust administrations, some very difficult. She is very knowledgeable regarding the law, professional, highly ethical, and supportive to her clients, but most of all she is caring and compassionate, realizing she is dealing with people’s lives, and frequently people in stressful circumstances. She never fails to do or say just the right thing in every situation. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Linda Banta

Private Professional

Fiduciary Member of PFAC



When I assumed full time responsibility for my mother's care following her diagnosis with Alzheimer's I wasn't sure where to turn for legal help regarding issues involving a trust. Fortunately, I was referred to Trudi as someone who was most familiar and skilled in this area of the law. Trudi was very helpful and I would add caring in her explanation of the steps required to handle all of the legal issues. I was so pleased with Trudi's service that I recommended her to other family members when they needed legal assistance dealing with a complex estate issue. Once again Trudi went above and beyond to explain and assist with all of the legal steps. Trudi has been not only an expert legal source but also a genuinely friendly professional to work with. I am proud to recommend her.


Kind regards,

D Slack

Folsom, CA